Matthew Spencer

Adam Brody as Matthew Spencer

"The name's Matthew Joshua Spencer and I've practically just turned twenty-seven. Most people will call me either Matt or Mattie, and the odd person will call me Josh or Spence. I'm male, shock horror, and I'll only sleep with men. Sorry girls, but that's just the way I a m. I'm original, 'cause I'm cool like that, and I'll be turning twenty-eight on September the twenty-first next year. Well, my Hogwarts days are long gone, but I was a Hufflepuff I'll have you know. My Mum tried to get me to go to Durmstrang, but my Dad would see nothing of it. I'm a half-blood, but only because my Mum's a pure-blood and my Dad's a half-blood. Oh yeah, wand. It's made out of birch and is about twelve inches long, with a phoenix feather core. My job? I'm the flying teacher at Hogwarts of course! Always did love the subject as a kid."


"Well, most people reckon I looke like Adam Brody, y'know, that muggle actor. Anyway, my eyes are a chocolately brown, and my hair's black, but in the right light it can look a bit brown. Not sure how tall I am, I haven't got the tape measure out in quite a while, but I'd say somewhere around five foot eight. As for weight, I've absolutely no idea.


"Well, I'm really into Quidditch and flying, which I guess is pretty obvious since that's what my job is. I love buying a new broom, the rich smell of the new wood. London is pretty awesome too, but I don't like the way people give you a funny look if you say hello. Then again, I don't really blend in, so it's to be expected. When students work hard and feel they've taken something from a lesson, so long as it's not a Snitch or something that they've taken, them I'm a happy chappy. Flirting is fun too, though having to sit and work out whether they're straight or gay can be difficult and long-winded, so I don't normally care. I don't like homophobes funnily enough, whether they're my age and being horrible to me, or fifteen and picking on their peers. Oh, and rats. Dirty little creatures, can't stand the things. Losing a quidditch match is always a bummer, mais c'est la vie. Kind of weird to say that since I'm rubbish at French, well, all languages apart from English really! I make up for that with my Quidditch skills though, if I do say so myself, and a fairly good cook. Cleaning up afterwards I'm not so good at, I kind of fell asleep when we learnt the spells in Charms so I'm stuck with the Muggle way. I'm quite good at drawing too, but painting is another story. Might as well dunk the canvas in the paint, would probably look better! I sometimes get a bit picky when people call it the golden snidget. I know it's an animal, but they're still different to snitches, so don't call them the same thing! Secret, hmm... well, I don't like to tell students that i'm gay. It'll spread like wildfire and it'd become a joke somehow, you know what kids are like."


"Mummy and Daddy, been a while since I called them that. Dad's fifty-one, and he does some job at the Ministry, something to do with Quidditch. Mum's fifty-three, and she's a medical potioneer, I guess that's what you'd call it. Anyway, she basically makes medicenes and stuff for St. Mungo's. I've only got a sister, she's about twenty-four now, and is a stay-at-home Mum. Hah, trust me to forget to tell you their names. Mum's called Lisa, Dad's called Nick, and my sister is called Jess, well, Jessica. She's married to some bloke, can't remember what his name is, but they've got twin boys to look after, who are about... four months old. I was born in London, the capital of fabulous England, and have lived there my whole life. Well, I live on Grimmauld Place now. Only major thing that's really happened to me was getting my Hogwarts letter and getting into Hufflepuff. Aah, the boring life, so calm and easy."


Nick SpencerEdit

Nick is Matthew's father.

Lisa SpencerEdit

Lisa is Matthew's mother.


Jessica is Matthew's sister, who has married (new surname not yet decided). She is the mother of Matthew's twin nephews.

Zane ShamesEdit

Zane is Matthew's colleague, with whom he has a growing friendship.